Political Campaign

The art of convincing people of your idea
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Political Campaign

Convince with your ideas

In politics, there’s one key date: voting day. To convince people to vote in your favour, you need the right strategy, tools and experience. We call this smart campaigning. At Enigma we have everything you need to win your political campaigns.

At Enigma, we believe that our clients have important ideas to share. This is why we want to help you succeed in your political campaign.

Political Campaign

The art of smart campaigning

Bringing the right message to the right audience at the right time is the golden rule in politics. We have mastered this golden rule with our very own methodology: smart campaigning.

With our experience in political campaigning, combined with our long time and in-depth marketing knowledge and in deploying digital campaigns nationwide we know exactly how to achieve this.

We combine the most efficient mix of measures that will spread the information target-oriented, convince people to share your opinion and vote in your favor.

Are you ready for your next political campaign? Download here your guide to a successful political campaign!

Your guide to a successful political campaign
Political Campaign

Your unique solution

Your campaigns will be crafted and implemented in house by our digital specialists, strategist, copywriters and designers. We find the blind spots in your competition’s campaign, create persuasive storytelling, carry out A/B testings to identify the most efficient arguments and visuals, create a dedicated planning and manage your digital campaigns.

Whatever it is that you need – our offers are always tailored to your needs.

Political Campaign

Enigma is the best partner for your political campaign


Smart campaigning

By creating a dedicated planning with an escalation plan we enhance your campaign’s visibility and persuasiveness. From creating a persistent background noise to loud guerilla actions – we will make sure that voters will recall your propositions when putting the cross on the ballot sheet.

We test your arguments – and those of your opponents

Data beats opinion. This is why we don’t take assumptions for granted. In all of our political campaigns, we develop a set of arguments and visuals and test them in the different linguistic regions of Switzerland. This way we find the most persuasive combination of text and image.

We audit

To understand your real potential, we start with an audit. We’ve developed our own tools and methodologies to analyze your competition, find out where the potential of your campaign lies and develop a winning strategy.

We pioneer

With our experience we have won more than 40 campaigns in Switzerland and abroad. From ambassador campaigns to messenger bot driven strategies we always strive to have a range of best working tactics and tools inspired by successful political campaigns worldwide.
Political Campaign

A dedicated team of experts

Political Campaign
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Political Campaign
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