New Branding for Avenir Bâtiment

Fédération genevoise des Métiers du Bâtiment (FMB)

The Fédération des Métiers du Bâtiment (FMB, an association of construction professionals) wished to present and promote the professions in the construction industry to students from the area. The FMB asked Enigma Branding & Strategy to develop a creative concept for their communication, as well as for the Cité des Métiers 2015, a fair that presents various careers.


The main challenge in choosing a creative concept had to do with the diversity of the potential targets. The main objective was to come up with a single identity for over 100 professional associations representing 23 distinct professions. This concept had to meet the following goals: encourage young people to choose a professional career in construction; promote professions in the construction industry; position these professions as dynamic and innovative careers that contribute to the economic development of the Geneva area.


Enigma developed a concept that includes all 23 professions under one entity: Avenir Bâtiment. The corporate identity refers to the construction world, and includes the notions of dynamism, evolution, and structure. This identity highlights the values of this particular industry, the diversity of the professional organization, and the specificity of each of them.

A website was developed (, as well as goodies, flyers, and posters.

The professions in the construction industry are represented during the Cité des Métiers, a fair that presents various careers. Their booth was built around the same branding concept. It highlights each profession precisely with demos for students, while integrating all careers within an industry that is easily recognizable.

Elaboration of the concept for Avenir Bâtiment's branding
Avenir Bâtiment's logotype
Associations' timeline
Logotypes' sketches
pictos fmb
Avenir Bâtiment logotypes
tool's sketch
Icons of tools
Overview of Avenir Bâtiment website
Overview of trades' page on Avenir Bâtiment's website
Stationery products Avenir Bâtiment
Avenir Bâtiment's flyer
Avenir Bâtiment's poster
Condom Goodies Avenir Bâtiment
Toothpaste Goodies Avenir Bâtiment
T-shirt Goodies Avenir Bâtiment
Tattoo Goodies Avenir Bâtiment
Avenir Bâtiment's at Cité des Métiers
Zoom in a stand with the new branding Avenir Bâtiment
Extensive overview of the new branding applied on the stand Avenir Bâtiment
two pictures of the Avenir Bâtiment new branding put together
Visitors walking around the Avenir Bâtiment stand designed in the new branding's colors
Overview of the inside of a stand displaying the new Avenir Bâtiment branding
Extensive overview of the buzzers with Avenir Bâtiment new branding
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