Online marketing for a second-hand shop

Salvation Army

The Salvation Army, the biggest second-hand chain in Switzerland, entrusted Enigma with the implementation of their marketing strategy.


The purpose of the Salvation Army was to strengthen their brand awareness and also to present the manifold offers of the Salvation Army, in order to bring (potential) customers into stores.

Overview Google Facebook Instagram Ads


A thought through media mix

Based on a marketing strategy, Enigma developed together with the Salvation Army a careful annual plan of the various channels. Online and offline worlds were to complement and strengthen each other. Besides Google Grants and Google Display Advertising, Enigma for this reason also used social media marketing to win new clients and goods donors and to increase interactions with the target group.

Social media marketing as a driver

Secondhand, retro, and vintage are themes that are popular on social networks and provide an invitation to interact. Traditional brick-and-mortar businesses only use this potential to a limited extent and primarily at their sales points. Enigma therefore chose Facebook Advertising.

An image campaign allowed to show the target group the added value of the Salvation Army and to refresh the image of dusty brick-and-mortar businesses. Furthermore targeted Facebook and Instagram campaigns were launched, that pointed to the offers, the stores and the services of the Salvation Army – always with the goal to bring people to the stores.  

With coupons and seasonally-themed campaigns, it was possible to set priorities throughout the year.

Agility and regional

Careful campaign management allowed for great agility and allowed the target group to tackle regional, individual, and relevant messages at the right moment. This way certain topics or stores in defined regions could be pointed out and we could react in a flexible way.

Market research 2.0

The target group showed a high engagement. This way topics could be placed online, opinions of customers could be gathered and the could be developed further.


The high CTR of over 10 percent of the Google Grants Ads show a clear interest of the target group in the Salvation Army With the help of Google Grants, Remarketing and social media advertising not only the awareness for offers of the Salvation Army could be increased, but the media mix also had a positive impact on sales.

The Facebook and Instagram ads also received countless comments, which allowed the Salvation Army to interact directly with the target group and to accept customer requests. The quick reactions increase clients satisfaction whereby a long term relationship can be achieved.


Strategy Martin Künzi
Campaign Management Patrizia Lamprecht
Design Strategy Daniele Catalanotto