Ragusa for Friends market launch in Germany

Ragusa, Camille Bloch

Enigma was commissioned by Camille Bloch to support the launch of Ragusa for Friends in Germany with a holistic campaign in collaboration with Follow Red, a German agency for branding experiences. Enigma was responsible for the set-up of the online campaign and went for social media advertising and the buildup of an online community.


Ragusa’s aim was to strengthen the German Facebook community and to increase customer engagement and interaction with the target group. In close collaboration with Follow Red, Enigma developed a holistic campaign with the focus on Ragusa for Friends sales. The goal was to create a complete sensory experience.

CS Ragusa Germany 01
CS Ragusa Germany 02


Based on the Performance Strategy System Enigma created a strategy for the German market and for building up a Facebook community. Trends, best cases and the activities of competitors served as the basis for developing a unique tonality on equal terms with the community. The goal was to communicate authenticity and to let go the identity of a corporate brand.

With purposeful calls to action, the fans were invited to interact with the brand and to share their experiences of it in a humorous and cheeky Swiss way. Weekly competitions with sweet surprises and the announcement of where the promotions would take place were also part of it.

In the field of Facebook advertising, Enigma also launched three campaigns with different calls to action and goals.

The aim of the Facebook page like campaign was to build and strengthen the Ragusa for Friends fan community. A/B testing with different visuals and texts allowed proper communication and the intended reaction to be effected.

Campaigns with geographic targets were used to announce the promotions in different cities in Germany. All Facebook users near the promotions were invited to try out and taste Ragusa close to them.

CS Ragusa Germany 04
CS Ragusa Germany 05

The third campaign promoted an online character test including a competition. The goal of the character test was to communicate the message of the campaign “Schokoladenspezialität mit Charakter aus der Schweiz” in an entertaining way. For this reason, Enigma developed a webapp which helped users to discover the type of Ragusa – blond, classique or noir – in a way that was reminiscent of Tinder. To find this out, questions about style and preferences were used and an algorithm specifically developed for this reason took care of the characterization.

Une fois le test complété, les utilisateurs pouvaient participer à la compétition et gagner un week-end de personnage à Berlin. Ce concours a été soutenu par une campagne Facebook optimisée pour la conversion, qui pourrait stimuler le taux de participation de manière cruciale. Avec la participation au concours, nous avons pu rassembler des adresses email et ainsi enrichir la base de données de Camille Bloch.

CS Ragusa Germany 06
CS Ragusa Germany 07
CS Ragusa Germany 08
CS Ragusa Germany 09
CS Ragusa Germany 10


Using A/B testing of visuals, wording and targeting, and by continuously optimizing the campaign, the KPIs defined in the strategy could be far surpassed and at the same time, the data of potential clients generated.

The fan community rose from 3,000 fans to 16,000 fans (KPI was surpassed by a third) and interaction surpassed all expectations. The clearly smaller community in Germany was far more active than the one in Switzerland. With Ragusa as a likable Swiss chocolate with character, Germany was brought a positive experience. The campaign will be continued in 2017.

CS Ragusa Germany 11
CS Ragusa Germany 12
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