Rebranding for the Swiss umbrella association for the rights of humans with disabilities.



The Swiss non-profit organization Agile focuses on providing support and a political voice for people with disabilities. When the time came for an update of their branding, they approached Enigma to support them in redesigning their logo, creating new stationery, developing a style guide, and defining a photo concept for the organization’s future visual communication.

The Logo is built from the dynamic inclusion Icon and translates their dynamics into politics.


Agile had been in operation for over a decade and built a strong reputation in the community for its dedication to supporting people with disabilities. However, Agile’s visual identity did not keep pace with its growth and evolution, and its existing logo as well as stationery were no longer representative of its values and mission.


The primary goal of the re-branding project was to update the organization’s visual identity to better align with its values and mission. Enigma aimed to create a more modern, approachable, and inclusive visual identity that would help Agile appeal to a wider audience and better communicate its dedication to supporting people with disabilities.



The first step in the re-branding initiative involved researching Agile’s background, principles, and objectives. Simultaneously, we executed a thorough assessment of the organization’s current branding assets to pinpoint potential enhancements in design.

Based on this research, we developed a number of concepts for a new logo and presented these to the organization’s leadership team. The final logo design was chosen for its simplicity, legibility, and ability to communicate the organization’s values.

We also developed new stationery, including business cards and letterheads, that incorporated the new logo and color palette. Additionally, the agency created a comprehensive style guide that included guidelines for typography, color usage, and other design elements.

To further reinforce Agile’s dedication to inclusivity, we crafted a photo concept that emphasized the diversity of people with disabilities and Agile’s commitment to providing support for all. The final website has also been designed for optimum barrier-free accessibility, enabling people of all abilities to enjoy the new site.

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The re-branding project was a success and has helped the non-profit organization better communicate its values and mission to its stakeholders. The new logo and stationery have been well-received by the organization’s staff and board, and the comprehensive style guide ensures that all future communications are consistent and on-brand.

The photo concept has helped Agile better showcase its commitment to inclusivity and support for all people with disabilities. This enables the organization to appeal to a wider audience, strengthening its position as a leader in the Swiss non-profit sector.

  • Strong brand identity: By developing a cohesive and impactful brand identity, to appear timeless.

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