Teosyal Pen: a Direct To Consumer Communication Strategy


Enigma Strategy & Branding implemented a Direct To Consumer communication strategy via different means in order to present the Teosyal Pen: a medical tool that offers a gentler experience for patients during injections of hyaluronic acid.


Teosyal Pen is a motorized injection device designed to provide more precise and less painful Aesthetic Hyaluronic Acid injections versus a regular syringe. The main goal of this campaign is to change aesthetic practioners habits, switching them quickly & massively from manual injection to motorized technology.

Obstacles are many: injectable market is growing but there is not yet related technology to bench mark, target profile (practitioners and patients) is complex, It is important as well to take into account patient’s fear and to play it down.


In order to solve this problematic, Enigma decided to set up a DTC (Direct To Consumer) strategy, with the aim to create and enhance end user loyalty. When informing the patients about the benefits of Teosyal Pen, they will now ask their practioners to use this new technology.

Teosyal Pen will become a differentiation point among practioners, and will help to create a relation of trust & loyalty with their patients.

In order to raise product awareness, Enigma decided to take advantage of different means of communication:

  • PR campaign: social event in Paris where Teosyal Pen was introduced to selected influential bloggers. The opportunity to turn into injector was given to these guests.
  • Testimonial movie: interview of 3 patients highlighting the benefits of Teosyal Pen as well as the ease of use.
  • Website introducing Teosyal Pen with the same angle of view of simplification and identification of future patients.
  • Google Adwords and Adsense campaign with testimonials on banners.
  • Facebook campaign.


One month after the event in Paris:

  • PR campaign: more than 33 published articles, 2,000,000 page views
  • YouTube: 41’183 views
  • Facebook Campaign: 3’981 clicks
  • Adsense and Adwords campaign: 21’591 clicks

The tools that were used helped increase awareness of Teosyal Pen significantly. Teosyal Pen awareness dramatically increased thanks to the combination of these different communication tools.

Infographic campaign for the Teosyal pen
Video youtube Teaser Direct to consumer for the teosyal pen
Direct to consumer event for the teosyal pen
Statistics of the Youtube Video
Home Facebook with sponsored content for direct to consumer effect
responsive design on Iphone for the teosyal pen information
Visual display of the responsive design on all devices
Big screen display
Teosyal Pen online banners
Teosyal Pen articles
Teosyal Pen other articles

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