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Public relations

A brand has a vision

A brand is more than just its products or services. And it is the way brands communicate that shapes the public’s opinion of them. However, marketing cannot solve all communication problems. To efficiently shape public opinion, brands need PR. PR is about transferring who you really are and getting other people to talk about you in a positive way to strengthen the image you are building with your marketing strategy.

At Enigma we believe that all our clients have a vision to share. Our PR specialists are here to help our clients navigate these unsteady waters and bring their communication to the next level. We enable clients to become outstanding in their Public Relations by creating concepts and providing the right tools.

Public Relations

Empowering clients

We believe in empowering our clients with their PR efforts. Only this way you can build and nurture relations with the media and the public and be authentic. Enigma’s goal is to help you develop a PR strategy and support you in its implementation. By doing an audit on your existing communication measures, analyzing your competition and getting deep industry insights we generate the necessary foundation on which to build the strategy, choose the right instruments and create the content for the spread.

In PR it’s crucial to have the right contacts. Through our connections and tools we help you recognize the journalists that cover your relevant topics. Additionally we work with an influencer database that allows us to get in touch with more than 3 million influencers from all over the world and identify the ones that are the right fit for you.

Public Relations

PR tailored to your needs

Our services range from auditing, consulting, strategic positioning, developing a content plan, organizing interviews with the media, A/B test mailings, developing a PR kit and PR support and creating the optimal content for your audience(s). We will tailor our offers to your needs.

What you can achieve with public relations services


We draw the big picture

Understanding an industry is the basis for developing a PR strategy. This is why for every campaign we do an audit. A solid foundation is the basis for a successful PR strategy that you will develop in collaboration with our PR specialists and strategists.

We amplify your voice

We’re a marketing agency, so we use proven marketing tools to ensure the diffusion of your message to a large public. By employing methods of targeting and retargeting and identifying key moments to spread your message, we can increase the impact of your messages to influence public opinion.

We create the content

At its core, PR is about providing valuable content. Whatever your needs, our copywriters, digital specialists and media producers can create photos, videos and write the content for you.
Public Relations

PR Services



To design the optimal strategy, we first provide an overview of your current situation. We carry out an analysis of your existing PR measures to create a basis on which we will build a successful strategy for you.


We want to empower you in the area of PR work instead of just handling it for you. Our concepts are built around this core objective and adapted to your company and your particular industry.

Media relations

Whatever you have to say, you must spread the word. The “medium of transport” for this is the media. Our PR experts support you in building relationships with journalists and media relevant to your topics.

PR coaching

In a training course tailored to your needs, we provide you with the necessary tools and information for successful PR work. We coach your team in the areas that are important for your business.

Influencer marketing

Accelerate your awareness or sales results by engaging with your target through people they trust. We will support you in building a campaign with influencers that fit your product or service.
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Public Relations

A dedicated team of experts

A team of dedicated experts in comm, media, press and journalism. We have put at your disposal a team of experts, capable of training you and putting you in contact with the right people in Switzerland and abroad
Public Relations
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Public Relations
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