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“A spreadsheet isn't a window through which to view the future.” – @counternotions
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Let’s be straightforward: your business model is how you make money.

Simple as that.

No wonder it’s the core piece of any company – whether it’s a start-up or a key player of any market.

A dynamic business model will help you identify and complete the strategic objectives of your business. How you design or update your business model will be key in your everyday race to maximum results.

Or even survival. We wouldn’t like to sound scary, but according to a 2016 study by Fractl, the number one reason for startup failure is when the business model is not viable.

Don’t worry, we’re here to help.

At Enigma, we use Alexander Osterwalder’s Business Model Canvas to map, optimize and disrupt business models. Our approach can help organizations at any point in their life, be it for winning new markets or more market shares in your sector, choosing a new technology to invest in, or launching a new product.

Join our team in workshops that will help you analyze your situation and explore ideas in a changing environment. And enjoy the expertise of Olivier Kennedy: our CEO is one of the few certified Strategyzer trainers in the world.

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Business Model Canvas

How do you describe, question, present, reinvent or shift your business model?
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Value Proposition Canvas

How can you precisely map out the contours of your market, and create value with a perfectly customized offer?
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Lean Start Up Concept

How do you reduce your “time to market”and control development costs while mastering the concept of “Lean Start Up”?

Iteration & Prototyping

How do you determine the best path to follow while modelling and evaluating a variety of strategic directions?

Visual Thinking

How do you create a collaborative and dynamic ethos in your teams, and take advantage of visual presentation techniques?

Design Thinking

How do you innovate in an ever-changing environment, control a non-linear process, and use frequent feedback from final users?
Business Model Workshops
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I have been working with [Enigma] on different large operations. Every time, I have been struck by the team’s professionalism in their field, the excellent upstream preparation with a sharp sense of anticipation, the respect of the deadlines, the detailed briefing as well as the client coaching; elements which are essential to me for the success of a common operation.

Christine Urfer
Independent Public Relations and Communications Professional
Christine Urfer
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