Google Ads (Google AdWords)

Google Ads (previously known as AdWords)

Get the attention you deserve – by users who already want a service like yours.

Why run Google Ads with Enigma?

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Every second, Google processes over 40,000 search queries. Behind all these queries are real people looking for something. An answer to their questions. A solution to their problems. A restaurant to take out their loved ones. A gym to get rid of those extra Christmas pounds. Or a service like yours.

Looking into what people are searching means we can guess their current state of mind. Their needs. Their deep desires. And give them relevant ads.

This is what Google Ads is all about. Running Google Ads basically means getting your name, content or offer in front of the eyeballs that matter instead of just any eyeballs.

Google Ads help you stay on top of their mind – and search results so they can notice you and remember you. By constantly analyzing and optimizing your campaigns, we can ensure you get the attention you deserve.

Take advantage of our expertise with Google Ads, the largest advertisement distributor in the world. And leverage the power of data-driven and highly targeted campaign strategies.

And Google Ads works great as a complement to Facebook Advertising.

Winning with Google Ads starts with great content. We work with our copywriters to identify the best queries to advertise on. And then they write efficient and conversion-oriented copy so that every ad is irresistible.

But creating a successful strategy and building all pieces of your Google Ads campaign is only the start. We need to continuously analyze, optimize and improve campaigns to secure the highest results over their whole lifecycle.

How we achieve optimal results with Google Ads

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What we can do with Google Ads

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  • Search Ads

    With our expertise in Search Ads, we help you reach people in the best possible situation: while they are actively searching for what you have to offer.

  • Video Ads

    We don’t only imagine and produce great video content. With Video Ads, we’re also bringing it in front of receptive audiences using YouTube and effectively reaching your goals.

  • Shopping Ads

    With Shopping Ads, we can bring your online or in-store products right on top of relevant search results. Displaying your offer to potential customers in such a convenient way is a great way to increase sales.

  • Display Ads

    Leverage Google’s incredibly large ad network of over two million websites and show yourself wherever your targets are. Display Ads expand your message to the whole internet.

  • App Ads

    The age of smartphones is also the age of apps. With App Ads, your brand, service or product shows right on the users most trusted device. It’s the best way to achieve great results.

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Let us help you reach your full potential

With Google Ads campaigns tailored to the interests and ideas of your organization.

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Mit Enigma zu arbeiten ist sehr inspirierend. Sie ist ein Partner, der stets an der Spitze der Technologie agiert und neue Ideen für innovative Projekt sucht. Das gesamte Team ist wirklich involviert und einsatzbereit. Vielen Dank für diese ausgezeichnete Zusammenarbeit.

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