Innovation Sprint

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Innovation Sprint

We can’t predict the future

But we can help your business become fit for the challenges of tomorrow. At Enigma, we have an exploratory approach in everything we undertake. And in innovation more than in any other field.

Usually, you start a project full of enthusiasm. Then as it takes longer and longer, it keeps getting more difficult. Until it’s finally swept under the table by what appears to be more important things. This is why we embraced the Innovation Sprint. The Innovation Sprint is a method that enables you to quickly achieve a concrete result.

Innovation Sprint

At Enigma, Innovation Sprint is a 3-step process

Innovation Sprint

The 3-step process

We work with a hands-on and action-oriented approach. During the sprint, we provide you with models and tools that ease decision-making. They will also help you apprehend your innovation challenges.

Would you like to discover our tools? Download them for free! The Business Model Canvas helps you focus on the main business elements to gain efficiency and to be successful. The Value Proposition Canvas is the best tool to focus on the added value provided to the customer and how to anticipate customer needs.

Initial Research
We start by studying what can be found in your area of innovation. What are the latest trends, the weak signals that might give us some insight during the workshop?

Master Class
During the sprint, our goal is to help you apprehend your innovation challenges with models and tools inspired by the design world. Action-oriented, they’ll accelerate the decision-making process.

Iteration loops
Innovation does not happen overnight, because even the best ideas are only this: ideas. Testing them will bring new insights, which will help refine the initial ideas and progressively get closer to the final product or solution.

Innovation Sprint

Make things happen

The Innovation Sprint was developed by Google, Design Thinkers, and other Product Innovators. This methodology accelerates and simplifies the innovation process for products or services. As a result, it helps ideas happen in the fastest and best way possible. The Innovation Sprint approach helps transform great ideas into profitable products and services. And will in turn shape your business model. Our dedicated team of strategists and specialists is with you every step of the way.

Enigma is the best partner for your innovation sprint


We provide specific know how

As certified Strategyzer trainers we are experts in Corporate Innovation Strategy, Tools & Training.

We enable you

With our hands-on workshops with your active participation and design thinking you can make innovation happen.

More than 10 years of experience

We have been active in this field since 2008 and have expertise in more than 20 industries.

Our Innovation Sprint Services


Strategic Foresight

The quality of a strategic decision is always based on an evolving context. Strategic Foresight has three benefits. First, you can evolve along with the context of your business. Second, you can influence your markets. Last but not least, it will help identify risks and opportunities.
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Business Model Master Class

Discover the Business Model Canvas methodology and learn by listening, doing, and interacting. With our help, you’ll be able to teach this approach in your organization. And you’ll learn how to integrate it into your processes and materials.
Business Model Workshop

Value Proposition Master Class

Dive deeper into the details of the value proposition. First, you’ll learn how to drive user research and define your market. Using the Value Proposition Canvas, you’ll design a tailor-made offer. One that creates real value for your customers.

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Innovation Sprint

A dedicated team of experts

The innovation sprint approach helps transform great ideas into profitable products and services. It helps you focus on the main business elements to gain efficiency and to be successful. Enigma has set up a team that is dedicated to achieving the best results for your project.
Innovation Sprint
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Innovation Sprint
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