May 16, 2024

DOOH in Switzerland: How Outdoor Advertising Becomes Hyper-Targeted

In Switzerland, Digital Out of Home (DOOH) is transforming the advertising landscape, engaging brands with their audiences in dynamic and innovative ways across both B2C and B2B sectors. Digital panels, once supplementary to campaigns, now dominate in certain Swiss cities, making it possible to run an Out of Home campaign exclusively with digital elements.

The Visual Dynamics of Digital Panels

Digital panels capture attention more effectively than traditional static displays thanks to their animation capabilities. This enhanced visibility is crucial in urban environments where every second of consumer attention counts. Today, creating animations for these panels is as straightforward as preparing animated banners for a web campaign.

Rapid Expansion in Switzerland

With impressive statistics like 628 screens in Zurich and 131 in Geneva, DOOH is set to become the mainstay of awareness campaigns. Although a digital complement is still recommended, and some cities still require traditional printed media, DOOH uniquely offers the opportunity to reach a broad audience.

Programmatic Buying: An Enigma Advantage

Did you know the same tools used for purchasing online spaces can be employed to acquire locations on these panels? At Enigma, we use our proprietary programmatic trading desk to optimise bidding and reduce costs, offering complete management of panels within our monthly digital campaign management packages. This technology allows for great flexibility, such as displaying ads only on weekends or at specific times of the day.

Case Study: Targeted Strategy for Domino’s

We targeted specific times for Domino’s, thus enhancing campaign effectiveness by reaching consumers precisely when they are most likely to order a pizza, proving that an advert at 6 PM is more effective than at 11 PM.

Discover our case study.

B2B Case Study: workONE and Office Space Leasing

Our campaign for workONE demonstrates that DOOH is not just effective for B2C. By targeting messages around available office spaces, we directly reached decision-makers, challenging preconceptions about office leasing and positioning workONE as a flexible and attractive option for companies seeking adaptive office solutions.

Discover our case study.

DOOH as a Complement to Digital Campaigns

Integrating DOOH into an omnichannel strategy creates a coherent user experience that strengthens brand recognition, thus offering significant added value.

Seasonality: The Opportunity of Summer

Summer provides advantageous pricing for DOOH, with discounts of up to 25%. While city foot traffic slightly decreases, the impact remains strong, with a consistently favourable ROI during this period.

DOOH represents a significant advancement in the advertising industry, opening new avenues for both B2C and B2B campaigns. At Enigma, we are at the forefront of this innovation, enabling media purchases in a contemporary and targeted manner.

If you would like to learn more, please contact us, and we will be delighted to assess the best way to optimise your advertising budget.

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