November 24, 2017

How to do SEO for Swiss companies?

This article aims to help small and big companies and organizations in Switzerland which are aware of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and are about to take advantage of its benefits through innovative tactics that eventually increase sales.

The importance of SEO

These days when people talk about online business, online marketing SEO comes into discussion as well. But there is a problem. Even SEO specialists aren’t able to bring a simple or straightforward reason to convince others to apply SEO in the whole process of their business.

why we do seo for our business
SEO effects on your business and online marketing

What we can learn from other countries

My name is Ebrahim Mehrno and I have 7 years experience in the field of online trading in Iran. In my company, I used SEO tricks to rank our websites and webpages in the most difficult and important keywords.

In Iran, we cannot access Facebook, Youtube and Google Adwords. There are 50 million online users and thousands of online businesses in all kind of fields. In comparison to Iran, in Switzerland, we don’t have as much competition. After these experiences, I know what works well and what doesn’t. Let’s start our SEO journey.

For business owners I would define SEO with the traverse of following steps:

  1. Find the problems and needs of internet users in your working field and expertise.

  2. Convert your solutions to content.

  3. Provide content and webpages for humans first, and then for search engines like Google.

Search engines aren’t humans. We need to help them to crawl and take our pages in an easy way. Let’s watch together the speech of Matt Cutts about SEO:

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Read to know, how to choose the best SEO agency?

Matt Cutts talks about website optimization

The impact of social media on SEO

As already mentioned, in Iran it’s not possible to access many of the most popular search engines and social networks. Due to economic sanctions, while I’m writing this post, there is no possibility to do Google Adwords in Iran. Because of the new US sanctions it’s going to happen to filter many Iranian websites with the .com suffix. So many host and domain provider companies in Iran have requested webmasters to move their domains as soon as possible.

According to these reasons, one of the best ways to show on internet the businesses of Iran companies is to rank them in the organic search section. Content, backlinks and high authority are the most important factors to rank Iranian websites. Based on my personal experience, there is something important to mention: Google does not pay much attention to the quality of Iranian backlinks. With just a little patience and link building, you can easily reach the first place of Google’s first page.

I must point out that along with the applying of SEO techniques on your website, you shouldn’t neglect the world of social networks. Actual example is the application Telegram, which is known as the recent most popular social network with more than 45 million of Iranian members. The Telegram robots are getting very popular for online purposes. Iranian users spend several hours of their time on it and its channels.

SEO is critical for your online business process
SEO is critical for Swiss companies

New opportunities in new social media

It is still known that social media is not one of the ranking factors. But indirectly, it  affects and helps a lot for SEO. Let me make it simple and give you the following quotation from Daniel Maloney, CEO of Tailwind:

“Twitter is mostly about what I’m doing,
Facebook is about who I am,
Pinterest is about who I want to be.”

Think before you start with new campaigns on social media. Did you already know that Pinterest makes up 5% of the web referral traffic? Pinterest is wealthy. Female users on mobile devices are looking to buy your products. So begin with the optimization of your Pinterest channel.


Plan before you start with SEO

If you want to use SEO for your webpages, I suggest you to create a strategy to write a blog post or a landing page. Specify the kinds of keywords, searching terms and planning which can help you to reach the highest ranks of Google in a short amount of time. If you follow all the points, your webpage can be placed within two weeks on the first page of Google’s search engine.

Maybe your rivals have already won the first rank in using short keywords. And maybe you just found out that reaching the peak of Google in the short run is time-consuming for you? Do not worry and focus on long keywords, which will lead you to be on Google’s top.

At Enigma we do not only share marketing mysteries with you. We also provide you with whatever leads to reach fantastic results. You surely know that optimizing your webpages does not end in a few months. You have to keep working up-to-date on a daily basis with new changes to Google’s new algorithms. I will teach you how to optimize your new content and how to be on the top of Google. According to Brian Tracy’s quote “business means selling and selling”.  All your ideas, even a blog post with useful information to the users, should ultimately lead to more successful sales and ‘WIN WIN’ situations.  

Referring to sales does not mean  you should only focus on how to encourage the readers and users to buy your products. It means that along with the 80% of the content and information that you give them for free, spend 20% on encouraging the visitor to use or buy your valuable services.

How to plan for SEO implementation at Swiss companies
SEO planning

What is the most important in SEO?

When applying SEO comes into consideration, people mostly think of on-page, off- page, keywords, content and other similar activities done on webpages. They immediately say Content is King. The truth is that they are wrong since they are the only ones who read and see the content. Your aim and purpose are more important. If you pay more attention to the concept of SEO you will easily realize that only a part of it refers to the mentioned activities. If you ask me which methods and techniques are important to do, I have to say everything. With the best content and the best products, it’s just about to start. Introducing and approaching the business by SEO requires thinking, planning and observing important factors depending on type of goals and topics.

In addition to the necessary things you have to do on the on-page, to increase your popularity and reputation, you need internal links, out-links, and, of course, the most decisive ones known as backlinks for single-sided content that you publish on the web.

Link building will make you popular on the Internet. Do you agree with me, that no unpopular commerce can be successful? You need to analyze and think in order to select and accomplish the link building process.

If you want more informations and take the first steps in SEO, we suggest you to keep in touch with Enigma. I dare to say that SEO is like a source that you always have to refer to it and enforce its laws before starting your online business, during sales and marketing.

How to optimise your website in seo structure
Website optimization

Link building in Switzerland

In Switzerland it’s hard to get backlinks, especially from the media sector. Whereas in Iran, you can find different ways to have links with media, public and private websites with a bit of negotiation. I suggest that in Switzerland it’s much easier and faster to have public relations with bloggers and private sector websites than with the media. So you can reach with them win-win situations and get straight to backlinks and linking out. We will discuss more about local SEO in future posts.

Backlinks and internal links and outlinking

Why should you work with an SEO expert?

At least 60% of the SEO is practical and operational. I recommend you to give your business to a person or a company which has SEO experience and achieved success. If you hand it in to developers, there will be no result because SEO is an ongoing process. So find an SEO expert who has a good understanding and experience of the digital marketing area, what would help you to have the best results.

How to make google friendly website
Why we need google friendly webpages?

Why SEO matters for online marketing?

The answer is quick and easy! Can you win without a technique in a fight? Trading is like fighting on the battlefield. Like a battle, in which thousands of big and small competitors may overwhelm you through a very simple technique at any moment. Therefore, online marketing is the battlefield that you cannot use. Without understanding SEO knowledge and skills, you can’t win the online marketing battle.


SEO your webpage content
Structuring and SEO implementation on content

Google analytics

Notice that a lot of people may tell you not to follow SEO’s strategies because it takes a lot of time to come to a result! This argument is completely wrong since Google has proven the opposite through its lovely Google Analytics platform. With Google Analytics, you can easily measure anything from the first day on. To sum up, we can use Google Analytics to measure the ideas and activities on our webpages.

track SEO with Google Analytics
Google Analytics and SEO

SEO analysis and spying on competitors

Is it possible to make progress without competitors? Competition will lead to a faster progress, providing that you have knowledge of the market and business conditions. I’m celebrating the competition, because apart from learning new ideas, they always help us to identify your weaknesses as well. But if you do not have a competitive advantage, it’s better not to compete. You will make an important step forward when you take in consideration, that in every area there are both strengths and weaknesses. To monitor and analyze your competitors, many SEO tools can be used. Otherwise, your rivals will do it themselves and you will be eventually fade out of the market. Just as easily! At Enigma, we help you to detect all of your competitors’ SEO plans by carefully analyzing your and their business.


Making strategies for SEO

At Enigma, we have put our best strategy builders together in a team to accomplish the plans which works the best for you.

The lack of strategy leads a business into assumptions, as Peter Drucker says, “The wrong assumptions are the root of all failures.” The problem of unsuccessful online businesses is that people begin with assumptions and ideas. Regardless of precise conditions and forecasts, they quit after a while their business and lose thousands of dollars and become frustrated. Based on our huge experience and knowledge in terms of SEO’s strategy and techniques, we guarantee the best results.

create strategy for SEO campaigns
We create the best SEO strategies for your company

Best results with SEO and SEA

The winners in the digital landscape are those who base their strategy in user behaviour. We know that there are people that don’t click on ads. That’s why SEO fills the gap. As a matter of fact the best solution is to use a combination of both SEO and SEA. Google mostly indexes your webpages rather than the homepage of your website. To see your website on Google’s first rank it will need SEO process and smart work. Here, I strongly recommend to use AdWords along SEO. One of the reason using SEO is the cost effectivity, so use SEA for short time and implement SEO for long time. I recommend you to read our article about what you need to know about online advertising.

SEO services in Switzerland
SEO consultation and services in Switzerland

How we do SEO for you?

If you decide to do SEO, let me explain the steps: First, you need to analyze your short term and long term purposes. Afterwards, it’s time to plan and to finally attack. Yes, you heard right. Attack, because in the realm of business, especially in the Internet world, if you aren’t an attacker, you won’t be able to make progress comparing to other competitors and you have to leave the scene. Successful companies have specific marketing strategies for their online marketing. They know the kind of keywords’ content they generate, so in the next step they will popularize the content in the Internet. So get on with it.

We provide you with the best strategy, planning and solutions. Of course, if you want to, we will be with you in all stages of internet marketing and SEO implementation. Perhaps, the following question has already come to your mind: What is the key to have success in online marketing and SEO? Here, I doubtlessly answer “it’s about to spend energy, concentration and of course daily work. No matter if you are on a bus, train or a car, just write down any ideas which comes to your mind and implement them on your blog posts, landing page, product page.”

Over the years, I have noticed that small differences always produce the greatest results. Include SEO in your daily work can put you at the first page of Google. To sum up, SEO is a source of techniques, ideas and strategies that should be used in all areas of online business. You want more informations about SEO or some help to start with it? Take the next hurdle and contact us with the contact formular. We invite you to read more about our SEO services.

SEO in Switzerland PDF

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