Enigma SEO Academy

Enigma SEO Academy

Put your contents right in front of those who are looking for it.

The Enigma SEO Academy will provide you with everything you need to know about SEO strategies and skills. From now on, SEO will become your hidden weapon to attract potential customers to your business and surprise your competitors.

To start with SEO, the best way would be to first get basic knowledge on this topic. Easier said than done because there are tons of different sources available with information about SEO on the Internet. In fact, it’s so difficult to pick up the right one to start that most people end up doing nothing.

Don’t worry, we’re here to help. We actually have the right answer for you. Please join our SEO workshop and lunch where our expert will share his knowledge and experience to train you about SEO. We will cover: Why SEO? SEO introduction, SEO work areas, Tips and tricks.


Time duration: 2 hours ( Free )

Language: English

To bring with:  Your laptop

Address: Enigma, Effingerstrasse 16, 3008 Bern

How do we do SEO training?

They say there are two kinds of successes: first, an experience that is the result of our own mistakes. And second, an awareness coming from the mistakes of others. In our workshop, we share the successes and mistakes that we’ve made in the past. This way, you can get on the right track to manage SEO for your business and quickly get great results.
If you don’t join this workshop, what will happen?

In the world, many people remain in their place and don’t improve. Obviously, their competition won’t stay quiet and wait for them to catch up. So one day, these people and companies who don’t improve end up being excluded from the competition. Now, what will you do?
Who should take part in this workshop?

Anyone wishing to start doing digital marketing seriously. Whether they’re owners of large, local or internet businesses, bloggers, webmasters, business women or men. Also, entrepreneurs of all kinds willing to run a new business and looking for more practical, cheaper ideas for marketing.
The law of the old business was

Make regular and reliable products and combine them with great marketing. But the new principle is: Make extraordinary products that people are precisely looking for. The online marketing process and especially SEO is highly effective in this regard.

Our SEO tutor: an entrepreneur, not just an SEO specialist.

We will not just bring an SEO expert to train you! All these workshops are facilitated by Ebrahim Mehrno, a digital expert with 8 years of experience in entrepreneurship and online business. He will work with you as someone who has used SEO to achieve real and incredible results both with his own businesses and with us at Enigma.

Digital marketing is just a tiny part of your overall marketing plan. It entirely depends on which kind of audience, customer, and channels you mostly focus and invest on.

SEO Expert Specialist

I want to join the SEO workshop

We are glad to meet you and discuss SEO tricks for your business.