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Manger Mode

To create Manger Mode’s new brand image we worked closely with its creator then used our expertise to boost his ideas.

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The challenge: a breath of fresh air for Manger Mode’s image

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Manger Mode is a highly appreciated eco-chic boutique. Its design needed to be updated and the store had to shift to digital – without disappointing its regular customers! Enigma’s mission? To create a new brand image in-line with the concept and history of the boutique along with a new website, open to future e-marketing evolutions.

Who knows a brand better than its creator?

mangermode logo

The founder of Manger Mode is continuously in touch with the customer base: a precious source of information! Based on their feedbacks and his ideas, he made several sketches of the new brand image. And because our designers are so good at listening, they totally integrated this “echo from the field” into their creative process.

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Custom typography as a signature

For this branding, we had to remain consistent with Manger Mode’s history, while giving it a new “visual voice.” The old logo characterized by a circular arc was our starting point. It inspired us not only to create a new logo, but also an original font. The color codes of the graphic charter were directly drawn from the store’s visual universe and the materials used, placed under the sign of durability and wood.

5 Manger Mode Font Manger

Combining the traditional and the modern – online and offline

We imagined the new Manger Mode website as the digital counterpart of the boutique, a window overlooking its universe. A shooting we did gave a face to its concept, to the people who make it live, and to its offer. During the visit, the user is invited to physically visit the boutique by making an appointment for fashion advice.

210805 MangerMode CaseStudy Foto

Result: A coherent rebranding = a successful rebranding

The redesign of Manger Mode respects the initial history and concept of the boutique as well as the impulse of its creator. Something to please the most loyal customers and seduce new ones in real life and on digital media!

8 Manger

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