Aptaclub’s branding


Enigma Strategy & Branding developed Aptaclub’s branding for Aptamil (part of the Danone Group): congratulations cards, flyers, gifts, newsletters, website, Facebook community, and mobile application.


To create a branding that establishes a strong relationship between Aptamil and its consumers in Switzerland.


We conducted extensive work in defining and expressing the brand’s values and the emotions it elicits with its audience. The new visual identity led to numerous actions that were supported by strong collaborative work.

Spontaneous and beautiful pictures of mothers and babies, warm congratulations cards, powerful flyers, personalized and carefully written newsletters, and a soft and useful gift given to moms in Switzerland (a baby hat and booties): these actions supported the new image.

The rebranding triggered other projects such as the and a , as well as a .

Photo shooting for aptaclub's branding
Slippers, hat and packaging according to aptaclub's branding
Branding aptaclub for slippers
Aptaclub's branding on congratulation card
aptaclub's branding for congratulation cards
Aptaclub's branding for the flyers
Branding aptaclub on a bag
Branding of the Newsletter


Strategy Olivier Kennedy
Campaign Management Emilie Saucy
Design Strategy Lina Maria Hernandez, Vincent Ghilione, Benoît Chevallier, Tony Cerovaz