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Boullard Musique

For Boullard Musique, Enigma Strategy and Branding created a website based on extensive research and analysis.


Boullard Musique is the largest music center in Western Switzerland, with over 2,000 square meters of exhibition space for musical instruments. At the end of 2012, the Morges-based company asked Enigma for a complete makeover of its website. Boullard’s ambition was more than a website; they wanted to conduct e-commerce with the same scope and quality as in their brick-and-mortar store.


Enigma’s proposal went beyond Boullard Musique’s expectations. It was agreed from the start to begin with a strategic analysis of the brand. The various steps of the Brand Strategy System were implemented, leading to strategic recommendations. At the same time, Enigma conducted a thorough study of the best web options available for e-commerce.

Our analysis of the Boullard Musique Brand was extensive; we went beyond the world of discount stores and moved to a higher end market, while remaining within reach for many. A simple and lean corporate identity, and a Swiss service quality. We anchored the logo in the brand’s origins, which was established in 1979: we were inspired by 1970s—particularly neo-1970s—trends. The challenge was to develop a corporate that could encompass various musical universes: classical, rock, metal, etc. Every music fan should be able to identify with Boullard’s new brand, regardless of style or musical preferences.

The cartridge is a classic reference to the 1970s; it gives the logo a protective frame that prevents vibrations regardless of the media on which it is placed. The arrows on each side refer to the world of stereo; the date “since 1979” anchors the brand further in the time of its creation.

Paper stock for the stationary looks like Kraft paper; all corporate choices are aligned on this design. We created labels and heavy-duty scotch tape. Delivery boxes for instruments can be recycled along with the logo. The simple corporate is visible everywhere.

Enigma brought together a number of experts from different fields to complete this major project: UX architects, typo3 managers and specialized developers.

We began the work in UX, in order to create precise wireframes for e-commerce. Behavior and functionalities were developed in agreement with Boullard Musique. After conducting CMS analysis, we launched the website on a WordPress platform through the Woocommerce Plugin.

The main goal and challenge were to let Boullard Musique manage content, products and client accounts independently. We had to ensure permanent synchronization of all possible fields in the database: products, categories, brands, area manager, gift certificates, and client accounts are fully synchronized via a web service that was specifically developed with Scala. Each sales person can update the FM database in the company’s internal system, knowing that the website will be updated automatically.

Signing up for the newsletter can be done from the footer or automatically when a customer orders a product. Name, location, language and interests are included so that Boullard Musique can target its customers better.

In order to optimize sales, we have integrated codes from remarketing and from Google merchant center. With this platform, all product data from Boullard Musique are linked to Google Shopping.

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