Branding react sunglasses – the ultimate accessory for adrenaline seekers!

react by Optrel


A cutting-edge design that brings the react experience to life, immersing the customers in the technology and introducing the benefits of these ultra-fast reacting glasses. The features and benefits are to be presented via dynamic and lifelike videos carried by real athletes. And a website that conveys the feeling of react and rapidly translates the change from light to dark.



We crafted an exceptional brand design for react sunglasses – a technologically advanced product that swiftly transitions from light to dark in response to bright sun. The design concept showcases the speed, versatility, and athletic essence of the sunglasses patented technology “Shadetronic”.

react logo enigma branding

Enigma started by designing a logo that is both striking and emblematic of the product’s quick-paced capabilities. The utilization of bold and dynamic typography further emphasizes the brand’s energetic image, creating a modern and sleek look.

Case Studies21 1

To highlight the sunglasses’ unique reflective properties, Enigma created visually stunning key visuals that capture the reflection of the lenses. The outcome is a brand design that effectively conveys the cutting-edge technology of react Sunglasses and appeals to a sport-oriented and active audience.

Glitch 01 OPTREL 1 AdobeExpress 1
Effect-concept for transitions and logo animation

Based on the iconic branding Enigma developed the concept for the social media content that supported the thrill-seeking target group with strong imagery. The concept with its characteristic landscapes adds on swissness and engages to become an active part of the react community.

Case Studies212

Case Studies Photography
Photography concept: Outside and in action


With striking graphics and animations, users will be blown away by the react’s capabilities before they even hit the online store.

react optrel website5
react optrel website14

Navigating the website is a breeze, thanks to our user-centric approach. From the detailed product pages with multiple dynamic images of the sunglasses in action, to the seamless online store, customers will find everything they need to make an informed purchase.

react optrel website13
react website 1
Image react color transfer
The reflections on the sunglasses became unique backgrounds


Our video production team set out to create an engaging and dynamic video that highlights the sunglasses in action while participating in various sports such as golf, hiking, and riding a motor boat. We were able to showcase the quick change to dark mode feature in a way that truly stands out. By focusing on the key features of react Sunglasses, we were able to create a video that successfully communicated their value and set them apart in a competitive market.

But we didn’t stop there, our image concept of “in action” is all about showcasing react sunglasses in their natural habitat – outside and in motion. We believe that seeing the sunglasses in real-world scenarios, in action shots and dynamic, energetic images, gives customers a true understanding of how they will perform in their own adventures.


The brand design developed by Enigma for react Sunglasses masterfully captures the product’s attributes and presents them in a manner that is both modern and athletic.

Our website design and image concept for react sunglasses is creating an immersive and memorable experience for customers, driving sales and propelling the brand to new heights. Join the react movement and elevate your outdoor experiences today.

  • Strong brand identity: By developing a cohesive and impactful brand identity, the product can stand out in a crowded market and build customer loyalty.
  • Demonstration of unique functionality: The video and website can effectively showcase the unique functionality of the sunglasses, allowing potential customers to fully understand the product and its benefits, increasing the likelihood of purchase.
  • Competitive advantage: Through effective branding, marketing, and strategy, the company can gain a competitive advantage over other brands and establish itself as a leader in the market.

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