Community Management

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Community Management

Build your brand's reputation

At times of global word of mouth control over a brand’s reputation lies simply not anymore in one’s hand. The better if your community speaks of you in a good way. Think Apple. To build such a great community, you need a skilled navigator to guide you to success.

At Enigma, we believe that our clients deserve to have an excellent reputation. We will help with everything related to your community so you will thrive.

Get yourself known

Tools and the knowledge

Building up a significant community requires time and persistence. During the last 12 years, we have gathered a great amount of knowledge to build up communities from grassroots and that keeps growing today. By working with us you get direct access to all this knowledge.

Your needs, our tailored solution

Our community management is carried out in house by our digital specialists, strategist and content specialists. Our services range from interacting with your community, creating and deploying a content plan, creating engaging content for your communities to speeding up responsiveness with a chatbot. We will tailor our services to your needs.

Let's build together your content strategy

Not having a social media strategy means missing a huge amount of opportunities. Engaging on a regular basis on social media, and, most importantly, deliver content that provides value is at the core of a good social media communication strategy. But how can you create relevant content for your audience?

Download our free social media campaign canvas to prepare your next content and schedule publications that really create engagement and drive your brand’s awareness. Following our canvas structure, you’ll have the necessary knowledge to produce the content that users really want to read and share.

Enigma is the best partner to manage your community


Interacting with your community

A community is a collective. And to communicate with that collective, know-how is required. Our content specialist knows how to engage in meaningful conversations, resolve little pains, and create moments of joy so that your community will love you.

A strategic approach

At Enigma every single action is part of a larger strategy. As a brand you communicate through different channels. We map all the communication channels and integrate community management so that it strengthens your whole communication architecture.

Super responsiveness

Nothing is worse than waiting. By managing communities across different platforms one can easily lose sight and unwillingly neglect requests. We have the necessary tools to respond at super speed to ensure that your community is satisfied.

Advertising know-how

Community management without advertising is like a newspaper without readers – invisible. We increase the impact of your community management strategy with the right advertising measures.

Community Management Services


Content Creation

We create tailor-made content for your brand. From multi-language copywriting to chatbot, beautiful animated videos to storified micro-sites, games or surveys, we guarantee to offer something to your community that will keep them engaged.


What’s the point of making quality content if only a fraction of your community can enjoy it? We anticipate and plan publications to reach a maximum impact. We also boost your content with our advanced targeting techniques, to ensure that we reach your entire community, and even beyond.


After all the hard work of generating leads and increasing traffic has paid off, your priority should be to manage your community’s activities by interacting with them. If you need help with this we recommend our Community Manager training.

Measure & Optimize

At Enigma, we strongly believe that we cannot optimize what we can’t measure. We’ll equip you with a real-time dashboard that gives you access to the metrics of your growing community anytime you’d like. Additionally we plan periodical strategic alignments with you to discuss the results and plan the next moves.
Community Management

A dedicated team of experts

Community Management requires a wide range of expertise, including an accurate management, a strong knowledge of social networks and current trends, adapted to your project. Enigma has set up a team that is dedicated to achieving the best results for your project.
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Community Management
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Community Management
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We can help you reach your Communication Management goals. Just drop us a line to get in touch. ? We're looking forward to exploring new territories with you.
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Community Management
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