Jura – a way of living

Vert Franches

Enigma was mandated to create a visual universe, a website and a video for the real estate project Vert Franches in the Jura, to show that the Jura is not just a place to live, but a way of living.


The goal of Vert Franches is to have tenants for all their properties before the summer of 2021 when construction will be finished. To achieve this, they needed different means to inform the local community of their project.


The first step in this project was to create the Vert Franches logo and visual universe, based on the client’s ideas and sketches. In the next phase the concept for an emotional video to present the project and its environment was created and implemented. The video doesn’t only visualize the new properties in 3D but it also transfers the atmosphere of what it will be like to live there. It represents the Jura way of living. Last but not least we developed a website and a billboard to create awareness among locals and provide a place to find all necessary information.

Logo Development


The Website


The Billboard


Video Storyboard



Vert Franches is now equipped with the necessary branding materials to start finding tenants. The website and the video give this real estate project credibility and highlight its quality. Often people don’t go to such lengths for an individual construction project but Vert Franches is something very special and unusual in the Jura. With the investment in these branding materials this is shown to the public.

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