Business Model Workshop for a Swiss bank

For the strategic retreat of a Swiss bank, Enigma was asked to facilitate a workshop to challenge the business model of the local branches.


The strategy team of a big Swiss bank prepares this bright future already today. The workshop took place in the context of a weekly retreat. Participants in this retreat were top managers from all over Switzerland. The Enigma team was tasked to bring both inspiration and challenges. The ambition was to help spark the conversation about how the future business model can be improved for the local branches.


Business Model Workshop

The workshop used the Business Model Canvas methodology. This approach was developed by Alex Osterwalder, author of the international bestseller “Business Model Generation”. Enigma founders are certified trainers of this innovative business creation approach.

The method was first introduced to the team of the bank in a short and intensive keynote. Through rapid exercises, the team was brought up to speed. Within half a day, the bankers were able to map out the business model of today and generate 10 improved business models.

Idea Generation Methods

Idea Generation methods were introduced to the workshop participants. These methods are inspired by a Design Thinking approach. By using these brainstorming methods participants were able to add a second level of inspiration on the first versions of their business models.

Strategic Report

A strategic and visual report was created in order to extract the key learning and insights from this creative workshop format.


The workshop was a success as it helped generate 10 possible improved Business Models. Furthermore, through the idea generation methods, more than 160 ideas have been generated to improve other parts of the business not covered directly in the business model canvas. Finally, these ideas were then condensed in 9 strategic work hypothesis.

RaiffeisenBMGcasestudy visuel2

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