Corporate Design


The communication agency Enigma has created a corporate design for Balexert that would dress the mall between events throughout the year.


Given its numerous shops and its significant size, Balexert has risen to the enviable position of largest shopping mall in Western Switzerland, and attracts 150,000 visitors weekly. It is a place to shop, but also a social space that is part of the Geneva landscape and beyond.

The mall boasts clean signage and design furniture; it needed a strong visual identity that would meet its ambitions and its strategic goals. We undertook a branding process in order to revitalize the brand and position it at a more upscale level in the long term.

Additionally to a new concept, Enigma wanted to create a corporate design that would dress the mall between events and let the Balexert brand branch out through multiple communications media.


A strong baseline

« There’s a time for you »

Each of us runs around and juggles multiple tasks every day. In spite of this busy life, there are moments that only belong to ourselves, when we can take a deep breath, take time for ourselves, just for ourselves, and indulge.

A bright and elegant design

Similar to the beautiful energy that runs in its aisles, Balexert had to dress with classy and intense colors. We chose dynamic colors: blue, green, coral red, and yellow. The background had to be diverse, warm and attractive to emphasize the elegance of the center, thanks to its upscale stores. At the center, a “b” as in “Balexert,” a simple and powerful “b” as the symbol of a brand that is close to 100 in reputation. A “b” that opens a large window onto this extraordinary space filled with life, with stores, restaurants and movie theaters. The end result revealed a differentiating and impressive design that offers multiple combinations.

Cover of vouchers leaflet
Overview of vouchers
Vouchers leaflets distributors in the mall
Overview of vouchers leaflet print outs
Display of a second leaflet
Colours and patterns for leaflets
Poster in the mall
Poster in the mall
Poster outside the mall
Display of a small poster
Display of a poster by night
Display of the corporate design on a truck


Strategy Olivier Kennedy
Campaign Management Emilie Lassausaie, Fiona Helle
Design Strategy Benoît Chevallier, Tony Cerovaz