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Enigma helped the Schweizerischer Gewerbeverband sgv to convey their political campaign message through online channels and bring a multitude of visitors to the campaign’s website.


The Swiss Trade Association (Schweizerischer Gewerbeverband – sgv) is Switzerland’s number one economic organization for SMEs. The sgv asked Enigma for assistance in customizing their political campaign message for the Swiss population through online measures and thus to influence the opinions in the vote.


Enigma has developed an online strategy, which included the extensive advertising of a landing page. Specific advertising measures were implemented and newest technologies on Facebook and Google were used to systematically get as many visitors to the landing page as possible.


The advert’s design emotionalizes the political subject in a manner that explains the issue easily and clearly, and it has an entertaining character especially on the dialogue based platforms such as Facebook.

case study SGV 15 V1 3

A/B testing

Choosing A/B testing enabled Enigma to determine what kind of pictures were best for the different clientele and the different phases of the political campaign.

case study SGV 15 V1 2
case study SGV 15 V1 4
case study SGV 15 V1 5
case study SGV 15 V1 6


During the campaign, it turned out that Facebook advertising caused significantly higher costs per click than the use of Google technologies. By investing the budget deliberately in the most efficient channels, the cost per click could finally be reduced by 92%.

case study SGV 15 V1 7
case study SGV 15 V1 8

Media resonance
The subtly provocative ads caused the newspaper “20 Minuten” to report on the subject and thus the ad received enhanced exposure and influence beyond the used online channels.

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