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The Creative Footprint is a decision tool

The Creative Footprint is a decision tool, developed, by Enigma, which aligns both the strategic phase and the design phase.

A Creative Footprint is used as a guide and a framework for the strategy and the brand positioning. It allows to brief the various business units and the company’s suppliers, in addition to aligning resources with the brand architecture.

This tool also serves as a validation guide to the different implementation of the brand. The different steps of the Creative Footprint revolve around a chart called “deep dive”.


The art of creating a brand that fascinates


The Creative Footprint Iceberg


Our methodology

The Creative footprint has 9 steps. Before graphic design, the immersed part of the iceberg needs to be explored, a more implicit but essential dimension.

This step allows to explore and define the profound sense of the brand as well as its architecture. So this chart is to be read from bottom up to top.

The WHY is the why of the company, its mission. It deals with defining why the company does what it does what are the reasons for that.

Does the brand have a story, a myth to tell? If so, what is it? During this step, we also explore emerging and growing trends, so we can create continuity, or rather break with the story.

What are the points on which the brand refuses to trespass, will never make a compromise?

The Brand Map defines the positioning for the brand’s design strategy. It lists the character traits the brand will base its communication on (performance, trust, reputation, mystery, intimacy, sensuality, and so on).

Fascination is the best way to get the audience’s attention. Our neuromarketing process is based on the last research in the fascination area.

Archetypes are unconscious and universal personalities we all have in our individual psyche. They create differentiation within a category and represent mental shortcuts, facilitating storytelling.

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Creative Footprint

We have the right package for your brand

CHF 5 880
3 Elements
  • Workshop session (3 hours)
  • Neuromarketing
  • Archetypes
  • Brand Map
  • Photo report
CHF 11 720
4 Elements
  • Workshop sessions (2 x 3 hours)
  • Neuromarketing
  • Archetypes
  • Brand Map
  • Storytelling
CHF 13 030
6 Elements
  • Workshop (2 x 3 hours)
  • Neuromarketing
  • Archetypes
  • Brand Map
  • Storytelling
  • Promise
  • Why
Creative Footprint
Will you dare to dive deep and explore the depths of your brand's soul??

Creative Footprint
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Creative Footprint
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