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The mission of your marketing is to over-perform. Each Swiss franc you are spending for your business has to be more efficient than when your competitor does. Even if that’s what you try to do when was the last time you measure your competitor’s marketing and yours?

We developed our own analysis model to assess your marketing actions – and compare your efforts with your competitors. We use this methodology because “we can’t optimize what we don’t measure” CEO, Olivier Kennedy, says.

Our model: the Full Potential Analysis

Our Full Potential gives an overall vision of your marketing. In what areas are you doing well? Where can you do better? Where are your competitors beating you? By how much?

The objective of our approach, inspired by the PESOA method, is to offer you a tool for strategic analysis and empowerment, a method of questioning, reflection and decision making that prepares future actions.

We apply the same approach to marketing. We need to measure where you’re at today. We need to measure where your competitors are, too. And only then can we give our best advice and design winning strategies.

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The 5 dimensions of the Full Potential Analysis



The assets dimension takes a look at the branding efforts of the brand. We believe marketing a weak brand is a waste of money. If scores in this dimension are low, it must be fixed before actual marketing is launched. There are 5 aspects in the assets dimension: brand toolbox, brand evolution, why/how/what, neuromarketing, brand story.

Paid Media

Paid media are all media and platforms where the brand pays to send out messages. Reach and control over the message are high, trust is low. This dimension has 3 aspects: channels, tracking setup, funnel coverage.

Earned Media

Earned media are all the media and platforms that choose to talk about the brand. Trust and reach are high, control over the message is low. This dimension has 4 aspects: Google news, influencers, media corner, social proof.

Shared Media

Shared media is basically about social media mentions. It measures how many regular people are talking about the brand, sharing, or engaging with the brand’s content on the major 5 social media platforms. Trust is medium, control over the message is low, reach is high. We analyze Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter, TikTok.

Owned Media

Owned media are the media and communication tools fully controlled by the brand. Trust and reach are low, control over the message is high. This dimension has 6 aspects: newsletter, content strategy, website performance, search engine optimization, mobile UX, website security.
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We can help you reach your full potential ? Just drop us a line to get in touch. We’re looking forward to exploring new territories with you.
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