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Your e-reputation is too crucial to leave it to Google...

The e-reputation is the digital image of a person or brand that is reflected on the Internet. E-reputation consists of online information about an individual or a brand. It can be found on social networks, blogs, collaborative sites, discussion forums, or image and video sharing platforms.
E-reputation, or e-notoriety, therefore delivers information about a person or a brand, without them being able to fully control it. This digital identity can orient an opinion favorably or unfavorably. In the hyper-connected world of today, e-reputation is a kind of “word of mouth” to a thousand voices.

The e-reputation, an important asset for your business

What do we do today spontaneously to find out about a brand, a company, a person? The first and most logical reflex is to go on the web in order to get information and evaluate what is called the e-reputation of this famous entity.

The e-reputation, therefore, has a very important and resounding impact on everything: today we spontaneously trust what we read and we rely on the information we find on the web, and the fact of having a good or bad reputation on the Internet has an impact on sales and the reliability granted by the consumer, the professional or anyone seeking this information.

This is, therefore, something that must be taken into very serious consideration. Today there are various ways of verifying one’s digital identity in order to understand it, analyze it, and make an accurate assessment.

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99.5% of Google visitors do not go further than the first page. Enigma uses a different method to push bad links to the second page.

We take actions to promote positive content and lower the quality score of bad content. Sometimes we even have actions to remove bad links entirely.

The immediate impact will be to push the bad article on the second page of Google search.

Our e-reputation cleaning process

  • E-reputation audit

    Auditing your e-reputation is essential to analyze your presence on the Internet, to clarify future actions, and to make sure you are on the right track.

    This audit will make it possible to find out, very concretely, who is talking about your company on the internet, where, and in what terms. The information gathered on the web will allow you to understand, with supporting data, what your customers and prospects think of your company, its products, and services.

    Enigma will use a set of tools to analyze in detail the state of your e-reputation and how it is built.

  • E-reputation cleaning

    80% of economic decision-makers prefer to obtain information via a series of articles rather than through traditional advertising. This way, these same individuals will trust the bad articles about your brand more than the content you are communicating – either in a paid or organic way.

    To achieve this, we will carry out several actions to clean up your e-reputation.

    Creation of new articles, contact the press/google to negotiate the deletion of articles, optimize the brand’s SEO to be in the Google top 3.

  • Monitoring & Maintenance

    How can you ensure the security of your e-reputation and meet standards at all times?
    We offer annual monitoring of positions and movements around the keyword and specialized analysis for action recommendations.

Let's do this together!

Get in contact with our SEO team! We can help you reach your goals 🎯 Just drop us a line to get in touch. We're looking forward to exploring new territories with you.