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Showing huge success in the recent war for attention, video has become an essential tool when it comes to marketing and communications. It's time you got on board.

Video is no longer the future trend it was in the past years. It's here. Video has become the number one digital medium when it comes to communicating your brand's story, explaining your value proposition and building relationships with customers and prospects. When more than one in two people watch online video every day your content just needs to be out there. That's why we have our own in-house media producers who produce video every day. Why don't you come onboard and start creating your own videos?

Why video?

Video is no longer the “future trend” it was in the past years: it’s here. Did you know that by 2020, video will account for 82% of all web traffic? Did you know that 59% of executives would rather watch video than read text?

The battle of Snapchat and Instagram or the emergence of live video services like Periscope or Facebook all point to one definitive truth.

Video has become the number one digital medium when it comes to communicating your brand story, explaining your value proposition, and building relationships with customers and prospects.

How we do it

When more than one in two people watch online video everyday, your content just needs to be out there.

We believe heavy hardware works wonders – as long as you’re producing a movie or a TV show. It’s the reason why we focus on fast and cost-efficient solutions:

  • Light, connected hardware
  • Street, indoor, or drone footage
  • Intelligent camera able to follow the speaker

Rumour has it we have an in-house media producer. Truth is, we barely see him as he’s always out there shooting!

Our offer

Corporate film

A great way to present your company, tell your story and share your vision.

↑ Our storytelling video for EWZ, an energy supplier in Zurich.

Advertisment video

A shiny, storytelling-powered promotional video for your products or services.

↑ An original story to show the incredible reliability of the Swiss Luggage suitcase.

Teaser for an event or launch

The best way to raise awareness about your event or launch and drag people there.

Branding is evolving and it's fascinating.
In the 20th century the best way to create brand was the landmarks. But here, in the 21st century things have changed, and there's a new way emerging that is very interesting. It's what I call the superhero branding. Superhero branding keep the human in the center: the idea is you have a human that has a superpower, usually the product or the service, and then he put a mask to display his superpower and takes it off to discuss with you about any other topic or subject.
So let me give you one example of how you create a superhero branding, and for that let's take a quote from Batman: “it's not what I am underneath but what I do that defines me”. Instead of showing your values, you have to act to make them understand by people. So for example, Uber they don't say we are welcoming, they don't have messages everywhere saying we are welcoming, but when you're going to car they give you a bottle of water. so you feel welcome. We created a framework to build those superhero brand it's called the branding iceberg and I will be very happy to present to you. All the best!

↑ The teaser to our Superhero Branding conference at NEXT’16

Video blog

The video equivalent of a blog post. Looks great on social media!

The way we live and learn distorts our approach to storytelling.
Imagine kids, your kids or the kids in your neighborhood, then ask them: would you like to list the story? They immediately get quiet and you get their full attention. I remember Thomas, the cousin of my father, when I was a kid, he told me a story about three barks the way he told the story thrilled me. And his goal was to scared me. He wanted to put something in my life. So why do kids listen to stories? Why are they thrilled about stories? Because they want to be part of it, they want to explore the world, they want to explore and discover their personality and role.
Professional life told us to read facts and figures, but we lost the magic about storytelling. That's why annual reports get boring, values and visions are formulated in a complicated way. So how can you create a new story for your brand? Let me give you an example, if a fashion brand talks about the beautiful clothes, they are creating it's a different approach. Then, if they would tell you these clothes are made for beautiful people? So it's a turn around about the story, it's making the story relevant to the target group, in that sense storytelling becomes Story made.

↑ This video blog shows our boss Martin talking about storytelling and storymaking

Call to action video

Convince people to take action, go out and vote, or buy a product.

↑ A viral video for a Swiss referendum about tax reformation

Speaker Video

Reach a broader audience: share your keynote or speech online, for everyone to see.

Today I'm going to share with you the last stuff, the last thing we learn and discovered. And our quest to be more efficient in shaping belief and making marketing fantastic.

Well it started this way, there was a dinner and I was at friends and there is a little girl, she's called Sophia and she said : “What is your job, what do you do?”
During those few seconds where you like “How will I make it understandable immediately”, something came that was the first time and it's.. “I transform beliefs”, that that's my job. I work on transforming people believes and everything that I do has only this goal. And she said : “Are you working for God?”
I was like, “No.. but that would be exciting! Actually that would be really cool.”

In a way what we always do is trying to shape belief, we try to make people think it's better and until recently, we never worked for religion, but we work in politics. And in politics, you have to go deeper because taking the risk of buying something is not a big risk, like you can try. But when you want to have people vote, it's deeper. People have to believe that their vote will make the world a better place for them, the kids. It will make the world more interesting.
In a way, all alive we operate around belief, all alive. The reason why you came here today is because you think you have a belief that, you will learn something. I hope that's why you came here today and I have believed by offering you a presentation, that I have something to bring you. So we a common belief and we hope this belief will be concretes by some facts. But when you will walk out of this room, you will hold say.. I hope “Oh I learned something that is valuable”, but it might be a very different thing that each of you learn. Those different fact will create the same belief.
Let me give you an example of how belief are existed, as one example could be.. You go back in your hotel room and the little toilet paper is folded in a little form, by seeing that you like “Oh my room was clean”. No, you know you have no evidence that your room was clean from that. The only evidence you have from that, the only fact is someone came in your room and fold your toilet paper. But you suddenly believe that your room was clean. So, it's by little element that we create believes because when you go.. I mean every penny your money we spend in marketing, usually is about creating a belief in to all those people mind.

Before this question from this little girl, I thought there is one way to go for product, one way to go for business-to-business, one way to go for politics and then I thought about this opening of “How do I create, how would I create belief for religion”. And then I thought by the way, this is all the same way. This is human where you change the belief. It's just easier to convince that, this is the right price for this watch. Then you should believe in this God or not in this one, but it's the same thing. It's a belief. If I tell you “Think about a car”, please all have in your head the image of the car. You all have an image of a car? Probably it was all different cars in the room. So I give you one information and you your brain brings into you others and now I suddenly not shape it into one car. Let's do it one more time “Think about something it's it's dark and calm”. The most probably, you will think about the night. But it's not the night, it's a cat. My cat is dark and calm, it’s a cat. And you see what we do is.. and our brain works only like that put points and we create the link.

To create that we have to tap into imaginary and one of the thing is the common ground. And we developed a tool for that, that is called the creative footprint. We created a sort of framework to find out how can you construct something that people will believe. And we have many parts the first one is the why. Like why your company exists. Why does this is important for the world, for the place you're around, for people around you.

Then there's a promise. What is the promise this service this company or this product makes? For example and we worked with Victorinox, for this watch that this the promised need to say is : “it's super solid”. We can go with a track on it, it's super solid. That's the promise. I will never test it. I'm not going out there and put it under a truck, to have some car running over and then say “oh yeah”. But it's the promise I believe.

Then there's a story. You have to add a story to that, like : Where it comes from? Why do you have this why? And all of that and why do you have this why... Why this promise? Why does it come from? Where are you trying to go? All of that is very important.

Then there's a brand map. So the brand map, when you have company then you list to them, 20 different positive points they say “we have them all”. But how would you feel, if one of your friends every time you talk about the quality say “oh I have that”. Would you like this friend? Would you appreciate someone who is only good and everything? No, no!

And then they are, there's the neuromarketing. How do you attract attention? And then the archetypes. How are you seeing as a person? How is your company seen as a person? How are you felt? And that the two parts I’m gonna zoom in. So neuromarketing, it's probably the first framework we used at enigma to analyze how you create belief. Because we are doing marketing. So many times, we have to buy media space and create ads. That was most of our business years ago. Today it's not most of our business, we do a lot of other stuff. But so we had to find a way to say this ad will perform better, than this ad. We don't know yet, but we have a framework to say it will perform better. And the framework I used is something about “how do you fascinate the fascination triggers”.
And there is only seven ways, you can fascinate people. So then there is the archetype, so the archetypes. And it's basically tapping into the imaginary. And the way the archetypes are done is : You got twelve archetypes. So for example, Caregiver, that's basically young archetypes. Caregiver, Member, Warrior or Innocence. And then there is a second level of the same archetype : Creator, Lover, Outlaw, Explorer. And then there's the achieve way, that is Ruler, Jester, Magician, Sage. So when someone say “Oh, oh I just created my company and I want to be seen at a Sage”. You need to hire a lot of people, with a loooooooot of experience because you cannot be seen.. you cannot start at the Sage. By the way, when we talk about someone, when we say “Oh this is a Sage”. We say: “Yeah he was doing that and that. And then he studied Buddhism and then he went to retreat and then you became a Buddhist monk and then... he went in another retreat and.. I think this guy is really amazing”. But you have a big story behind, because first he was the Innocent. They didn't really know what he wanted to do, then he explored the world and brought back knowledge from around. And then he became the Sage. So.. if you want to be seen as the Magician, for example. The Magician is the one that it could take anything and transform it into anything, that is a super cool archetype! You have to start by being the Warrior trying what you are.. proving what you are by courage, destroy, attack. The Outlaw then you need to rebel against a power, then you will become the Magician. So this is a super hardcore path. It's the result is cool, but the path is hard.

So I'd like to thank this little girl because she brought me into this. And thanks to Sophia since then we signed the religion. We recently signed a religion and have to help them to have more believers. So we're going to use that.
Thank you very much.

Well we hope you liked this video so if you do please subscribe to our YouTube channel and share it, leave us a comment. We're always very happy to discuss. Wish with you all the best.

↑ Shaping beliefs in the 21st century: Olivier Kennedy at Entrepreneurs Organization Bangkok.

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↑ To kick-off 2017, our client isolutions gathered all the team for a snow-bootcamp in Davos.

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