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We are a team of online marketing strategists, designers, branding specialists, digital traders and growth hackers. Our full service agency harnesses the expansive reach of digital territories alongside the persuasive force of human psychology to empower businesses in client acquisition, assist politicians in securing votes, and enable NGOs in their mission to make a world-changing impact.
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The credo of our digital marketing agency

We follow five simple rules to ensure your comapnies will survive in these new worlds:

01. Always remember to be human
02. Ambitions are not strategies
03. Data beats opinion
04. If it can be automated, it will be
05. The user is always right

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As a 360° digital marketing agency, we offer a wide range of services. Our dedicated team consists of specialists from various fields, such as digital advertising (PPC), web design, copywriting, conversion, search engine optimization, web development, lead generation and much more. Explore our digital marketing services below and don't hesitate to contact us if you think we can meet your needs and achieve excellent results.

Why? Welcome to the frontlines

We believe we’re living in a new world where things are changing exceptionally fast. We’re delighted to work in this new era.

We’re thriving in these blurred geographies, shifting landscapes and twisted trajectories.

Many things have changed since we became nomads again. Forget about holding positions, as everybody is redrawing the map. Keep moving. Keep pushing. Keep shaping. Keep changing.


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Enigma's Performance Strategy System

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Our online marketing agency achieves excellent results for its clients

Does your company need to be visible on Google or on social media platforms ? Do you want to sell a new product? Or increase your market share?

Enigma has a team of more than 30 campaign managers and specialists who will design and create a strong campaign just for you. Our strength lies in creating marketing advantages. We believe in performance. We use design, creativity, digital tools and cutting-edge digital marketing strategies to help you set your company apart from your competitors.

As a communication agency, we do more than creating websites and Facebook pages, or buying advertising space. We bring your brand, product or service to the customer. We work in branding, digital marketing, art direction and printing to make your company successful.

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With our offices in Geneva, Bern and Zurich, we are close to you almost everywhere in Switzerland. Get in touch to find out more about our marketing and communication services and how we can help you reach your marketing objectives with a dedicated international team of experts.
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The Enigma advantage

A unique partner for unique projects – that’s Enigma. With a team of marketing strategists, designers, branding specialists, digital traders and growth hackers, our internet marketing agency provides tailor-made solutions for your project. Thanks to concrete results obtained through elaborate email marketing campaigns, Google Ads that find your target audience, or in terms of social media marketing, we will improve your traffic, your sales, your visibility and your digital presence on the web.

In summary, our digital marketing agency excels at crafting a comprehensive strategy that encompasses all facets of the online landscape, specifically tailored for businesses seeking growth. With a focus on social media management, SEO enhancement, and meticulous analytics tracking, Enigma ensures that content is not only king but also highly targeted and engaging for companies aiming to connect with their customers. Each campaign, from email marketing to digital advertising, is carefully designed to maximize lead generation and conversion rates, ultimately helping our customers achieve their business objectives.

Through the use of marketing automation tools, we streamline the customer journey, tailoring interactions to the needs and behaviors of the target audience. Optimization is at the core of their services, ensuring that every touchpoint on digital channels is an opportunity for engagement and a step towards a conversion. With a deep understanding of Google’s algorithms and best practices, Enigma is equipped to elevate its clients’ online presence, ultimately driving sales and fostering business growth.

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