Type Design

Type design

The ultimate weapon of truly unique brands

Type design

The ultimate weapon of truly unique brands

From one weight to a whole family, fonts are the ultimate visual expression of a brand. The recent raise of variable fonts will help create the typographically responsive experience required to captivate your audience.

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Why type design?

They say that “Clothes do not make the man”. Truth is, in branding they help a lot. But how can you be truly unique if you use the same letters as anyone else? Enter Type Design.

Type design makes it possible to express the brand essence through specific shapes that set up a particular visual tone. This give both the brand and the designer an unimaginably powerful tool.

Our branding methodology, the Creative Footprint defines all the ingredient needed for the creation of a custom font or type family.

Custom made fonts are the ultimate tool

How we do it

“Sketching is creating”. Every project is first explored deeply on paper, which is a basis for discussion. Only then comes the digital phase when different tools help build the shapes and create a functional alphabet.

In a cyclical process of printing proofs, checking and correcting, the project is refined and calibrated. And finally, building typefaces or fonts always come with a serious amount of code and program thinking.

Whether the project is for text, headline, display, screen or print, the designer will keep in mind their final target during the whole process.

Our offer


It’s not about designing a whole new font, but creating a limited set of original letters for a specific use, such as a logo or other graphic designs (book cover, merchandising, visuals to illustrate content or website, etc.)


Font design

Creation of a full alphabet in a single style or weight, that can be used in any kind of text design for print or screen. This can be useful for titles, signage, or any project where you need something original to use in combination with another type family.


Type Family

Creation of a set of different styles and/or weights, that can be used in any kind of text design for print or screen. It can also feature multiple scripts such as Latin, Arabic, Cyrillic (and even Thai or Hangeul, if you wish).



We can design a font that can be used as dynamic text in a website or application. It involves a stage of specific instructions and programming so the font “knows” how to behave on a screen.


Variable Font

Announced in 2016, this is a new generation of fonts designed specifically for digital. Their style and weight can be adapted on the fly when they are displayed on screen, with various programming instructions. It opens a whole new world of dynamic, responsive digital design.

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