We help organizations
find their way to greatness

There are no ordinary projects, only extraordinary situations. This is why we develop tailor-made strategies.
In order to choose a strategic approach that fits your activities and to determine the perfect timing for its implementation, Enigma conducts a detailed analysis of your situation.
For a strategy to be truly influential, it must be scalable and adaptable. Whether your business environment is stable or volatile, we plan your growth, your evolution and your renaissance.
Sustainable branding, a distinct visual and verbal identity, smart and efficient communication, or an integrated creative concept − they all stem from a relevant strategy.

Our brand strategy system is our main mantra. It ensures performance & risk reduction for agile marketing.

Keep moving
Keep testing
Keep listening
  • Analysis
  • Exploration
  • Strategy
  • Design
  • Conversion
  • Word of mouth

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"A spreadsheet isn't a window through which to view the future." – @counternotions


“Based on my observation of enigma abilities, I strongly believe she has the potential to be an outstandingly agency in your country. I therefore recommend her for admission to your master’s program. Please do not”

Moan Dagnoux
CEO & Founder
World Composte Inc.