Programmatic Advertising

Leverage the power and speed of data to run smart, adaptative campaigns that humans couldn't even dream of.

Why Programmatic Advertising?

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Every time your ad reaches a person who doesn't care about it, you're wasting precious resources. We're talking time, energy and, of course, money. It happens when your poster designed to draw the attention of men is seen by women. Or when your promotional offer for sunscreen pops up on a rainy day.

That's the reason why advertising agencies and media planners are obsessed with accuracy. It's also the reason why they love Programmatic advertising.

Programmatic Advertising has deeply transformed the landscape of marketing by increasing the efficiency of campaigns. Using automated and fast systems, Programmatic Advertising helps reach the desired audience with incredible precision, and serve very relevant content.

It lets us get much more results out of any campaign budget. An offer nobody can afford to turn down.

At Enigma, we know how to best take part in this lightning-fast system of countless audiences, automated auctions and dynamic real-time content.

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How we make Programmatic Advertising work for your success

The first secret is to really know your target. We use sociographic insights and Big Data to really get to understand them.

Once we really know your audience, we're able to create various scenarios. The secret here is to dream big and imagine the craziest ways to deliver relevant content to the audience.

Then our team of experts uses the best tools and most successful platforms to bring the best ideas to life. That's how you get results.

  • Increased efficiency with continuous adjustments and optimizations
  • Extremely precise targeting capabilities to reach the right audience
  • The contents of ads delivered to your audience are adapted based on time, location and many other factors for higher relevancy
  • Immediate, real-time insights into the performance of campaigns
  • Great transparency and control over placement, audience and cost of ads

What you can achieve with Programmatic Advertising

from 2008

What you can get with Programmatic Advertising

from 2008
  • Real Time Bidding (RTB)

    With Real Time Bidding, we can make sure your content is delivered in the most efficient and effective way on various networks, including Google, Facebook and more.

  • Premium Inventory

    Your messages can be displayed in front of the eyes of your desired audience, wherever they are. Including the most prestigious placements and websites.

  • 3rd-Party Data

    By bringing together data from many different sources, we can optimally deliver the best results and make the best possible decisions for your campaigns.

  • Realtime Weather-Based Triggers

    Your content can be dynamically customized according to real-time data. So that the right target sees the perfect message at the perfect time.

  • TV Synced Ads

    We use multi-screen watching so you can offer a great multimedia brand experiences. Like a digital ad that is synchronized with the TV content your target is actually watching.

from 2008

Experience the power of Programmatic Advertising

The limits of digital advertising just have been pushed from sky to outer space


Your company deserves to stand out, and at Enigma we do that with more than a logo. We help you to get the most efficient positioning and deploy full visual and verbal universe using the strength of storytelling.

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Marketing and communication plan

An integrated marketing and communication strategy is key to getting returns on your investments. With Enigma’s Performance Strategy System we will find your path to success.

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Innovation Sprint

Explore and test how to launch a new business and how to create a winning business model that outsmarts competition. Enigma helps you to refine your value proposition and ensures a fit with your future or existing market.

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Public relations

To efficiently shape public opinion, brands need PR and at Enigma we empower our clients to become outstanding in their PR efforts.

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There are many types of websites and the key is to choose the right one for your company and your audience. We build the most efficient web experience and infuse your project with creativity.

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Video production

The time of motion pictures has come. Video is one of the most important media today and Enigma gladly supports you in realizing your video project.

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Political campaign

Convincing people to vote for you our your idea means using the right strategy and tools. We have the experience you need to win your political campaign.

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Community Management

With proper community management your fans become your strongest voice. We can help you get there.

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Content Marketing & Inbound

Transform your marketing into a selling machine by using the Inbound methodology and a good CRM. Our dedicated team is here to support you in this endeavor.

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Digital Campaigns

Deliver the right message to the right audience at the right time with a specifically targeted digital campaign. Enigma is the right partner for such an endeavour.

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If your website doesn’t appear among the first search results you are almost invisible today. With a good SEO strategy we can improve your ranking for the keywords of your choice.

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Marketing as a service

Your company deserves the best that digital and classical marketing has to offer. Enigma supports you with an all team access on a monthly basis to achieve great results.

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Digital Marketing in Real Estate

At Enigma, we have designed methods that are adapted to today’s business reality. We implement the best strategies and solutions to generate leads for sales, rentals, and acquisitions of investment properties and yields.

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