Digital Advertising

Digital Advertising

Target your public in real time with tailored messages

Yesterday’s solutions won’t work Tomorrow. Indeed the old recipes have been undisclosed, globalization has enabled a blend of models, opinions and cultures like never before in the history of mankind and also because of the world gaining more and more complexity.

Many brands still have blind trust in old-fashioned methods: spending colossal budgets to spread messages to a large audience. Statistically, we know that most of the people reached will not feel concerned.

Meanwhile, others listen to the web. They classify the audience according to their opinions, values and expectations. They send to the public targeted messages with incredible precision, telling everyone what they want to hear.

Welcome to the 21st century.

The Morpheus model

Our model combines sociographic information, big data and neuromarketing to achieve the same objectives as Morpheus:

  • Targets Precise identification
  • Understand them and discover their expectations
  • Persuade them to act, whether to vote, to adopt a belief or to buy

Sociographics insights

Forget the old demographic segmentations. The world has become too complex for people to be placed in such roughly defined categories such as sex, age, place of residence or income. It lacks granularity. We prefer a sociographic segmentation that takes into account values, lifestyle, habits or influences.

Big data intelligence

Why would you ask a seer about news of the day when it is so easy to consult an online newspaper ? Today, an immense volume of data is produced every second by our online activity. To those knowing how to take advantage of it, it offers an image of the beliefs and expectations of the target groups. An image far more reliable than the most serious of the polls. In real time.

Neuromarketing architecture

Forget the copywriter that works intuitively hoping to spark a positive reaction amongst some of the listeners ! We use the latest discoveries in neuroscience in order to construct a series of messages and visuals that corresponds to the various triggers of fascination. With the support of a detailed profile of the targets, it becomes possible to diffuse to each one the most suitable message for his own persuasion.

Website creation

What would be a digital campaign without an efficient website?

At Enigma, we create websites with care. They look great of course. But more important: they help you achieve your business goals through conversion and continuous optimisation.

Learn more about our Website creation services

Facebook adTarget your clients where they spend most of their time – on Facebook.

Twitter adReact and engage with your target audience in real time.

Instagram AdLeverage the blurred lines between content and advertising.

SEMIntroduce yourself to those who are already looking for you.

Google Adwords: Search or display? Be there.

Google Display Network: Have your banners displayed in a contextual content thanks to best of all algorithms.

Digital Advertising

Learn how to connect with a connected audience.


Thanks to Olivier and his team, Victorinox Swiss Army had outstanding success online. Open-minded and motivational, Oliver is a true communication professional. Thank you again for all the work you did!


Daniela Leone
Victorinox Swiss Army

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Digital Advertising