Dashboard service

Dashboard Service

Whenever, wherever… 🎶 Keep an eye on your campaign results – in real time.

Why a dashboard service?

As an experienced marketer, you know that launching a campaign is just the start. What really matters is following up and optimizing to achieve your goals.

Hence the eternal, frightening question: “How is my campaign doing right now?”

“Data beats opinion.”

– The Enigma Credo

For decades, people like you had to rely on delayed data provided by intermediaries. Sometimes, you lost precious days or weeks before you could even know there was a problem.

Well, this time is over.

At Enigma, we provide you with a tool to access all relevant data in real-time.

It’s the key service you’ve been waiting for. A unified dashboard to visualize all data about the campaign. Immediately spot strengths and weaknesses. And adapt your strategy. All within a couple of minutes.

How does it work?

Simply log into your account and you will access to all relevant data regarding your running campaigns.

Our service

The Enigma Dashboard Service is a performance visualisation tool that gives an overview regarding:

  • Website performance: e.g. overall traffic analysis, traffic sources, devices breakdown, etc.
  • Social media influence: e.g. page activity, best performing posts, page impressions, followers & interactions, etc.
  • Google Ads campaigns: top 10 campaigns, cost per click, conversion rate and cost, etc.
  • Emailing campaigns: e.g. contact list variations, open and click rates, etc.

Dashboard service

Stay up-to-date with your campaign performances anytime.

What others say

I have been working with [Enigma] on different large operations. Every time, I have been struck by the team’s professionalism in their field, the excellent upstream preparation with a sharp sense of anticipation, the respect of the deadlines, the detailed briefing as well as the client coaching; elements which are essential to me for the success of a common operation.

Christine Urfer
Independent Public Relations and Communications Professional
Christine Urfer